These days the top media SoC’s are RTD1295, Amlogic S912 and HiSilicon Hi3798C V200. Egreat dominated the RTD1185/1186 SoC media players market some years ago. Now they are launching a new media player called the Egreat A5 baseb on the Hi3798C V200. 

Egreat A5

The V200 has Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 (64-bit) CPU, the Mali-T720 ARM GPU and as you can imagine is Android based. This is a powerfull combination and is matched with 2GB DDR3 RAM.

It’s loaded with many extra features as 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, SD-card reader and our familiar SATA port.

It’s A/V output is also full with digital ports (4K HDMI 2.0, optical SPDIF, coaxial) and RCA analog A/V connectors. The analog part is still welcome for some older home theater setups and is a feature lacking in most new android media players for lower cost.

Other notable features are the official DTS pass-through and Blu-ray menu navigation based on the VidOn XMBC which is the central media app of the device. This is great news because of the widespread use of this media center platform and the abundance of content, streams, subtiltles and covers. There is also an official partnership between Egreat and VidOn for their platforms development.

I hope i can grab a new Egreat A5 media player in the neat future for full presentation.

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There are two ways to flash a new firmware.

The easy way is from setup menu. This is not advisable, there are cases that the upgrade has gone bad with this method.

The best way is the “forced update”. Here are the detailed steps.

  • The device is off.
  • You press the reset button (a little hole on the side) with a toothpick and keep it pressed.
  • You switch on the device while the reset button is still pressed.
  • The device starts and the little screen says UPDATE.
  • You stop pressing the reset button – take off the toothpick.
  • Now you can insert the USB stick with the image file of firmware (it must be a decompressed file, name extension should be .img).
  • I personally use the blue USB 3.0 port.
  • The device starts reading the USB stick and starts the update.

Bad news for all Bast Castle firmware users. The project’s page at Google code site has gone. There are no news for some place where the project will continue.

Bast Castle was in testing of the newer 1.04 release this summer. Last link for this version is

  • Posted on 16. November 2013
  • Written by ngalfas
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I am very glad that this blog has so many visitors. This is only because everybody has encountered the same problems and expectations as i was when i started tweeking my media player.

I noticed that many people want to share their experience and knowledge with others so we have many replies on the blog posts, but this is a bit uncomfort. The best way to organize your contribution is by an organized forum.

I only added one main topic for general questions and answears, i hope you will find this more practical than posting on the blog articles. You can also send your suggestions about the blog.